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Here are the event schedules for 2021 with times/dates for all activities as of 05/01/21.  Schedules are subject to change without notice, so please stay tuned.

MONDAY 08/16 - VIP DAY ONLY - Access only granted to 2020 Ticket Holders - Gates open at Noon 

4-7pm VIP food served, in the BOGG Town tent

8pm Mud Bamboozled Foot Race

9pm Randy Rutherford performs live

TUESDAY 08/17 - Early Access Admission $100.00 GATES OPEN AT NOON

SXS pit open 9am to dusk

6-8pm - Truck and SXS Show In front of the fire hall, Public is welcome free of charge

9pm Ron and Jesse will DJ

WEDNESDAY 08/18 - Gate Price is $80.00

Pit opens 11 till 3

 3pm Cork Screw Jump Performed By Cory Rummel

6pm Drag Races, Mega Truck And DOT Trucks

9pm Ron and Jesse will DJ

THURSDAY 08/19 - Gate Price is $70.00

Open Pit 9am til Dusk

5pm -  SCS Gear Box Mega Truck Down and Back (Outlaw Racing Series points event)

1 TON Down and Back (Outlaw Racing Series Points Event)

Whiteout Entertainment

Tuff Truck Contest  9pm in the Grand Stand

FRIDAY 08/20 - Gate Price is $60.00

Open Mud Pits from 9am til Dusk

3pm Mullet Fades win Pit Viper Shades (mullet contest)

4pm MMJ Smack Down Race

9pm Hosier performs live (GrandStands)

Grudge Tugs After Hosier

SATURDAY 08/21 - Gate price is $50.00 FREEDOM DAY (wear your best red white & Blue)

Open Mud Pits 9am til Dusk

2pm D&D Paddy Tire Freestyle

6pm Gator Bite Bounty Hole

730pm Hoopty Cruise Contest (The best cruise Vehicle wins)

Grudge Tugs at Dark & Whiteout Entertainment