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Welcome to the Largest Bogging event in the North

Michigan Mu​d Jam
August 16-21 2022

The 2022 Michigan Mud Jam event will be held at the Iosco County Fairgrounds in Hale, Michigan once again. 

This annual event brings in thousands of off road enthusiasts each and every year and it makes a huge impact on the local economy.  Local business owners have always supported this event due to the economic impact it has on the town and their businesses. We want to thank everyone that continues to support this annual event and we look forward to 2021 being another success.

Experience Michigan Mud Jam

MMJ has become one of the premier offroading events in the entire country. It became the largest in the North by its 2nd year and continues to expand and gain popularity each year. 2021 marks our 8th year and the promoters and staff can't wait to open the gates on August 17th for all of our friends and mud family to enter the 125 acre park. It will be another exciting weekend and we can't wait to see all of you again here in Hale, Michigan.